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Arky Head Jigs

Arky Head Jigs

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The Arky Head jigs are by far the most popular of the jigs we make. They have 3 different sizes 1/4oz 3/8oz & 1/2oz.

1/4oz uses a 3/0 Hook

3/8oz uses a 4/0 Hook

1/2oz uses a 5/0 Hook

Our standard hook is a Mustad Ultra Point , these hooks have great strength to them and are crazy sharp for a wonderful hook set each time. 

Please Allow 2-4 days after ordering, all of our jigs are made to order

We use from 60-80 strands of silicone skirt material with options on some jigs of living rubber such as our black & blue , Rust and many more colors. Each jig is hand tied with 210 danier nylon thread that is sealed with a thread locker for maximum strength and tension around the skirt. Each jig head is baked at 325 for 20-25 mins depending on color. We use a super soft weed guard that works great for every application from flipping,pitching and dragging no bad comments at all on these.


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